Sand show

A sand show is a whole world, created by imagination and artistry of authors. Here we can enjoy pictures drawn with sand, pictures which change rapidly within sight of spectators on the surface of an illuminated table and are shown on a projection screen via modern equipment (а video camera and a projector).


The sand show always gives you the feeling that you’ve seen a miracle. The sand drawn pictures inspire, awake the will to dream and unleash creativity. The ability to present oneself in a creatively different and peculiar way has always been appreciated by wealthy and prosperous people and among businessmen. That is why the sand art has become an indispensable attribute of advertising as well as presentation parties, celebrations and other important events. Today many corporate parties, various festivities (birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries) in western countries can’t do without this marvellous show.


Do you want to draw the attention of partners and potential customers to your company and your products?


Do you wish to arrange a sincere, vivid and exceptional “sand show” which will be remembered by the audience and will be associated with your company?

Are you dreaming to learn this outstanding and beautiful art?

Now you have this opportunity!


For companies and trustworthy persons of Nizhny Novgorod we offer:

Corporate parties and special events. Sand animation will brighten up any festive celebration or important event in a business environment. It can also depict the whole history of a company in a remarkable way. The artist’s performance to the corresponding background music made during a festive evening / public dinner will cheer the audience up, will catch their imagination and will always remain a bright and sweet memory in their souls.

- Master classes. It’s a great opportunity to get acquainted with a new and vivid art that lets you create real masterpieces: scenes of life, extraordinary, unusual, breathtaking imaginary worlds, highlight all the beauty and rich inner world of each personality. With the guidance of the Master you will learn the ropes of sand art and get into expressing your creative element by sand drawings.

Advertising. Your company, your products or your project will catch the interest of lots of your potential partners or customers. Unusual and attractive presentation, variety and distinctiveness of changing pictures in a color sand show, the beauty of real masterpieces created by the inspiration of the artist – all that are the main success factors of your advert video.

This kind of video can be a peculiar kind of invitation to a festive event, a presentation of a new logo of a company, an elegant present to your loved ones.